. A drug is a chemical that causes a change in the way the human body functions.

. A chemical which people take for pleasure.

. A chemical that has the power to change a young persons mood or the way he/she thinks about things.

Anyone can be tempted to take drugs, no matter where they come from, what school they go to or how bright they are.

There are a number of reasons why young people may take drugs.

. Curiosity - some young people just want to try something new, experience and feel the high that drugs give.

. Pressure from friends to join in.

. Its the cool thing to do

. Boredom

. The trill of doing something dangerous

. To rebel

. To escape from problems at home or school

. To get self esteem/confidence

. Drugs are available so why not use them

. Most drugs are illegal and may seem exciting

No matter how great the risk it would appear that young people take drugs to make themselves feel better!