Today on Andrew's Report, we talk about the risks of smoking, ways to quit smoking. We ask the public's feelings about smoking and of course how it will save you a lot of money.

There are many risks to smoking such as lung diseases, cancer and throat infection. It will also burn a hole in your pocket as a packet of cigarettes costs around 7.00. Not to mention it's bad for the environment!!!

There are many ways to give up smoking like using nicorettes, staying in smoking free zones and if you don't smoke encourage them not to smoke: remember, smoking pulls away ten years of your life!!!

With 450 people lighting up for the first time each day we ask the public for their opinion. Most of the public have said that the government should ban smoking!!! I am with them are you?

Andrew  Year 6


Eva Year 7
Speech against illegal drugs

Today I am going to warn you about the atrocious effects of illegal and misusing prescribed drugs. Some of this information is likely to be useful if we plan to be a healthy, happy community. Examples of illegal drugs are cocaine, LSD and cannibis.

Illegal drugs have a big effect on your mental and physical health. Drugs such as LSD can make you halluciate very scary things, and I don't just mean your mum without her makeup on! The dreadful things have made a lot of people go mad and injure themselves while trying to get away from things they 'saw'. Drugs can also cause parania, which would get them into a lot of fights.

Secondly, the physical effects of drugs. I can't emphasize how agonising these effects can be to experience. The damage to vital organs, the dangerously fast pulse, the shocking high chance of dying before you've even finished digesting the tablet. There's even a celebrity who has lost the bit separating  her nostrils thanks to cocaine! I think I'll stick to converse trainers and Paul Boutique hoodies if I want to make a fashion statement.

Next I would like to talk for a bit about why people take drugs. Peer pressure is one of the most common. If everyone in your group of friends takes drugs except you, don't cave in, you are the coolest! Other people take the horrible stuff because they are sad or depressed, which is a little stupid, because it just makes everything ten times worse. Another reason people take it is if they don't actually know that it is a drug until it is too late. This isn't impossible as most drugs look like sweets and innocent sounding names. For example cocaine is sometimes called 'charlie' and cannabis has lots of names such as weed, dope and blow.

Furthermore, drugs can have an awful effect on friends and family. Being a drug addict can ruin not only your life, but your career and the chance to get a decent job too. You only have to look at Amy Winehouse, Pete Docherty and Kate Moss to see that. Also, drugs and crime are very closely linked together. This results in people having to steal for those frightening drugs. There have been incidents with pharmasists being held at gunpoint!

An addict can't just stop, because because they get 'cold turkey' which is when you sweat and shiver. Missing prescription drugs gives people the same kick as using illergal drugs.

To finish with, miss using prescription drugs , yes it does happen. Doctors sometimes prescribe a drug called methodone to ease addicts off heroin, but sometimes they missuse it.

I hope I have convinced you never to have any thing to do with illegal drugs. Thank you for listening.